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Real Techniques Sculpting Set | Review

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You may remember that a few weeks so I posted a haul where I had purchased the Real Techniques Sculpting Set which I was so excited about as I picked it up for  £13.99 which was a bargain! I've been using them since I bought them and I am so impressed

Sculpting Brush
This is the brush that I was most excited about trying as I thought it would be perfect for contouring, and it is. It's really dense and fits perfectly in the hollows of my cheeks and picks up the product really well, which sounds silly as that's what it's meant to do but we've all tried those brushes that are useless before!
I have been using this instead of my contouring brush from the Core Collection when I want a more heavy contoured look and I don't know how I'd do my makeup without it now. It's definitely become a staple in my makeup routine. 
Fan Brush
I've only ever tried one fan brush in the past and I wasn't overly keen on them, but that's all changed as the quality of this brush is amazing. I use it to apply my highlighter and it just adds the finishing touch to my makeup.

Setting Brush
Surprisingly I don't own any brushes like this, but I love it. I use it for setting my powder under my eyes as it fits perfectly in the under eye area and like all the other brushes is super soft. 

Overall I love this set and I really do recommend it to everyone who is on the fence about buying it. It is well worth the £19.99 as the quality is brilliant and I know these brushes will last me as they're so well made. 

Have you tried this set or will you be picking it up soon?

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