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My Lipstick Storage | Cheap Muji Dupe

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A few weeks ago I shared with you how I store my eyeliners, so today I thought imy lip I'd share with you how I store my lip products. This features a Muji dupe that only cost under £3!

I've been using this clear acrylic lipstick organiser for almost a year now and I have just forgotten to blog about it. The best bit about this organiser is that it only costs £2.12 (and free p&p) and I can't fault it at all. It holds 24 lipsticks and I choose to store some of my favourites in this way as I can access them more easily.

However, I do have more lipsticks and I store this in (an unorganised) drawer in my storage tower. I find this way I can swap and change the lipsticks in my clear acrylic organiser and still be able to grab my other lipsticks.

How do you store your lipsticks?

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