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Wilko Kiss Face Primer | Review

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I picked this primer up on a bit of whim last week and I am so pleasantly surprised. I was wandering through Wilko's beauty aisle and this primer caught my eye as it was so cheap at only £3 and I'm a primer addict so I bought it. I apply this all over my face and it does leave me with a silky smooth base for my makeup as the packaging suggests. However, I will say I don't think it did me any favours in terms of 'light reflecting' but this I don't mind so much.

The primer packaging itself is pretty cute and simple and a tube which is my favourite kind of packaging because I really can get the most out of the product. The consistency is perfect for me as it's not too thick, but it's also not too watery as long as you shake it well before use. The primer has no scent as well which I really like as my skin can be really quite sensitive sometimes.

I used this when the weather was super hot (for England anyway) and it really did stop my makeup from sliding off my face as quickly. I am honestly so impressed with this primer and I love it so much I went back to Wilko and bought 2 more as back up!

Have you ever tried anything from the Kiss range from wilko? I'm interested in trying the Clay Mask from the Kiss range.

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