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My Everyday Jewellery | ft. Essential Jewellers & Pandora

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You may remember this post from a while ago in which I was sharing with you my two new rings. Well today, I'm sharing with you my everyday jewellery. I personally think I only suit silver jewellery, and Essential Jewellers has quickly become one of my favourite stores for jewellery.

Pandora bracelet - £55 (& various charms)

I love all my jewellery and I don't feel quite complete without it. I would really recommend browsing the Essential Jewellers website as they stock so many beautiful products that are super affordable and amazing quality. Their rings are available in standard ring sizes which makes shopping even easier, and you know that the rings will fit you.

Side Note | I'd just like to add that I am not being sponsored or compensated in any way by Essential Jewellers for this post, I have purchased all rings myself and I genuinely do love their products. 

Is there any specific jewellery that you wear everyday?

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