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Small Haul - Real Techniques and Topshop Make Up

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Today I went shopping for a few things and I ended up buying myself more make up and some brushes! I feel like I can justify buying these things when I'm meant to be saving because I got some birthday money (which I felt I had to spend rather than save, oops).

I had seen so many people say how much they loved the Real Techniques brushes so I bought the Core Collection for £21.99. I cannot wait to use these brushes tomorrow morning but I took a few photos of the brushes close up before I use them so when I review them they won't be all dirty!

Next I went into Topshop and ended up buying a couple of bits of make up from there. I've never tried any lip or nail products from there but I have tried a couple of blushes and a highlighter which I love so I thought why not?! So I bought the Brighton Rock Lipstick for £8 and I'm wearing it now and I love it so far! It is quite bright but it's build-able and still wearable which is great. 

Finally I bought the Razzmatazz Nail Varnish for £6. It really caught my eye because I've not got any glittery purples and it just looks gorgeous. I was going to try their Peel Off Nail Varnish but I wasn't sure how much it would chip since you can peel it off and I'd not done enough research to decide so maybe next time!

(Excuse the state of my nails, I've not had time to re-paint them!)

This is what happens when I try and take blog photos whilst my kitten is around - he ends up attacking anything he can including my lens cap!

Have you got your eye on any make up at the moment?

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  1. That topshop nail polish is so pretty! :) x

  2. I really want to buy the RT brushes!! xxx

  3. i love RT brushes! you definitely won't regret them :) great haul!

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