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Benefit POREfessional Primer Review

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Earlier on in the summer Glamour Magazine were offering free samples of Benefit Cosmetics. I chose magazines with POREfessional and BADgal Lash Mascara. I did a blog post on these items when I first got them. Now I'm going to be reviewing the primer as I've been using it for a few months.

First of all I love the packaging, it's cute and not just plain and boring. The only thing that I didn't expect was that the primer wasn't clear, because all other primers I have used were clear.

Benefit say that POREfessional can "Quickly minimise the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin!" 

I personally am not sure whether it smooths out fine lines as I haven't noticed a difference, although it definitely did minimize the appears of pores for me. I was also pleased that after using this product I didn't break out, since sometimes I can have quite sensitive skin.

Overall, I do love this primer as it makes my foundation last a lot longer and it does smooth out my skin and give it a silky feel. I would recommend this primer to anyone who is looking for a new one. On the other hand it isn't cheap, it does cost £23.50 for a full 22ml tube.


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  1. Great post :) I was looking into buying Porefessional myself so this was really helpful.


  2. I bought it a week ago and I'm in love with this!! :)