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Simple Eye Make Up Remover

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For my birthday this year my Aunt bought me the Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make Up Remover which I hadn't tried before. I do love the Simple range though since I can have quite sensitive skin, especially in the winter. Anyway, I've only just got round to trying out this make up remover as I still had my make up removing wipes to use.

Although this is only a small travel sized bottle (50ml) I do use a fair amount of product each time I take my make up off. I just apply some of the make up remover to a cotton pad and wipe off my eye make up. This is by far my favourite eye make up remover of the ones I have tried. Mainly because it doesn't irritate my skin and this is especially important to me as I do wear contacts everyday and I don't want my eyes to be more irritated than usual.

I have read quite a few negative views about this product saying it doesn't remove waterproof mascara but for me, it does. I'm not sure whether this is because I use quite a lot of the product at once or whether it's just different formulation of the mascara.

The full size version (125ml) is available at Boots for £3.39.


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  1. Simple is such a good brand! I just started using their toner as a replacement to the Liz Earle stuff and I can't really tell any difference. Yay for slightly cheaper things :)

  2. i love simple!! especially their awesome face wipes :)