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Urban Decay Foreshadow Palette

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In a blog sale a few months ago, this palette caught my eye and I thought I'd try it out since I'd never had any Urban Decay products and I've always heard good reviews about them. I don't think this palette is available anymore, so that might not be useful but you can buy it from here on Amazon

(From top to bottom - Flipside, Midnight cowboy, Stray Dog and Oil Sick)

First of all the palette is pretty to look at, as ridiculous as that may sound, to me the packaging of products is very important. There is a mirror at the top of the palette too which can come in handy. The only thing I don't particularly like about this palette is that the eyeshadow does get over the rest of the palette, but that's not a massive issue.

I can say I absolutely love this palette, the shadows are so pigmented, and in the swatch I hadn't used a primer, so if you use a primer they're even better. I will be honest, I don't think I'm going to get much use out of Flipside however, the rest of the colours I will use a lot. If I'm in a rush I'll just apply Stray Dog all over my lid and add a bit of eyeliner and mascara and I'm done for eye make up.

I would recommend buying this, and I'll definitely look into purchasing more Urban Decay products in the future.


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