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ELF Eyebrow Kit

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As I'm sure many people will agree, ELF can be hit and miss with their products. However I do have a lot of their products which are amazing for the price. One of them is the Eyebrow Kit from the studio line.

So this is the eyebrow kit, I do apologise that mine isn't in the best condition, but it does get used everyday!

First of all the packaging, it's pretty sturdy which is great for when I chuck it in my make up back, and also the mirror comes in useful. I usually just use the brush that came inside as it's easier than carrying around extra brushes. As you can probably tell I mainly use the waxy side as it works better for me.

It keeps my eyebrows in place all day and lets me fill them in slightly. Mine is in the shade 'ash' which is the lightest shade, and even though my eyebrows are quite dark I prefer not having completely full eyebrows.

Overall, I would suggest if you haven't already, that you try this. Especially as it's only £3.75 and so isn't too expensive if you don't get along with the product. I shall definitely be re-purchasing this once I have run out as it is so inexpensive and a brilliant product.


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  1. Didn¡t know about this product! Thanks for the review :)

    1. It's one of my favourite products! No problem xx