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MUA (Make Up Academy) Wishlist

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MUA (Make Up Academy) is probably the cheapest brand of make up that I know of, and the products are excellent quality too. There's quite a few products that I really want to buy, but can't afford it right now so I've made a wishlist instead.

Everyone has been raving about BB Cream's for a long time now, but I haven't got round to buying one, mainly because I'm worried it won't give me enough coverage and I have quite bad skin. I didn't want to waste money on one that wouldn't work for me, so I thought the MUA BB Cream would be a good place to start as it's very reasonably priced at £4.

If you've read my recent post about my ELF Eyebrow Kit you will know that I have hit pan and will soon need to buy a new eyebrow kit. I haven't seen many reviews on this, but I'm willing to give it a try and for only £3.50 it isn't a huge investment. 

I put this on my 'wishlist' mainly because it looks pretty, and the previous bronzers MUA have brought out have all been too dark for me. So because this has different shades I'm hoping it'll suit my skin tone more! Once again, extremely cheap at only £3.

I don't have many cream blushes in my collection, I'm sometimes worried that I'll apply too much and look ridiculous, but this blusher isn't quite as bright as my others, so hopefully I'll be able to make it work.
Only £2 as well.

Finally I'm interested in trying out these Nail Constellations in Gemini. I've always wanted to try out this look on my nails, but I've never really got round to doing it, so I think now this is available in the drug store, I'll give it a go once I have money. For only £3 you can't really go wrong either.

All of the photos used in this post were from the MUA Online Store and I do not own the images used.


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