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MUA Every Lash Mascara Review

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In August I made a blog post about the MUA products I had bought. In that post I mentioned the Every Lash Mascara in black and it costs £3 (at the time it was £2 because it was on offer). I started using it this month, so I thought it was about time I did a review.

 (Please excuse the horrible bags under my eyes)

This is the mascara when I've applied two coats. It supposedly smells of apple, however I didn't notice it until I read about it on the MUA website. I'm not particularly bothered about a scented mascara since it's on your eyes and no one can tell anyway! Overall I do think this is a great everyday mascara as it lengthens the lashes and gives them some volume. If I want fuller lashes I will apply a coat of Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara. Although when I first tried this I wasn't a massive fan of it, but since I've been applying it from the root of my lashes (I'm sometimes too lazy to do this) it works a lot better.

Has anyone else tried this mascara?


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  1. I do the exact same with this mascara, if I want volume and fuller lashes I use Scandaleyes with it. I really failed to smell the apple!

    http://lucyywrites01.blogspot.com x

    1. It looks a lot better with Scandaleyes in my opinion, mainly because I do prefer volulme xx

  2. I haven't tried this but I think I will because your lashes look amazing!


    1. I'd definitely recommend you try it, especially for the price! And thank you lovely xx