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17 Blush and Glow Review

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I was looking through my blushes this morning for something to wear, and I found a product I had completely forgotten about. It's the 17 Blush and Glow *. I bought this a while ago from Boots and it was £3.99. I hadn't really used this product before, only swatched it a few times but I never got round to wearing it. Mine's in the shade peaches and cream which is such a pretty combination.

As you can see, it is fairly shimmery which some people may dislike, although it doesn't look over the top once on the cheeks if it's blended well. They are both highly pigmented and stay on the cheeks all day (about 7 hours for me). The highlighter is a bit more gold-toned than it appears to be here, but it is still a beautiful colour. If you wanted a more subtle colour, I'd suggest blending them well once applied to the face or swirling your brush around in the pot rather than just applying it one at a time.

Overall, for the price and pigmentation of this product, I love it and it's a bargain. I would suggest anyone to try this if you want a well price blush and highlighter.


* I'm not sure what's happened to the photos of the product on the Boots website, but it is still available in stores and online as far as I know. There are also other shades available. 

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  1. The blush looks like such a pretty colour! I've never seen these before, but whenever I'm in Boots I always stop to look at the 17 products; something about them just makes me want to buy every single thing! I'll have to try this out :D


    1. It is so pretty, it's probably one of my favourite blushes at the moment! And I'm the same, but I never have enough money to do so! xx

  2. I had this but i never used it, it always came out stripy on me! never mixed in the highlight and blush properly

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  3. This looks pretty!! I think I may pick it up next time I'm in Boots :)
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