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Winter Lip Saviours | Under £3

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Let's be honest, we all want kissable looking lips all the time with minimal effort required. I'm sharing with you my two favourite lip products that are my absolute favourite lip balms, and the best part is they're both under £3. I've tried so many lip balms and these are the two that work best for me.

I purchased this on a whim a few months ago and if I haven't got it in my bag I really feel lost. This is the first time in my life I've almost completely finished a lip balm so I feel that really says something. The formulation is quite thick, but it sinks into your lips quickly enough and doesn't leave your lips feeling sticky.

Carmex Original | £2.69
I know there's a few different flavours of Carmex available, but my personal favourite is just the original. I've been using Carmex for years and I always seem to have a few pots or tubes lying around. The tingly sensation you get after applying this can take a little getting used to but this product really helps my lips if they're chapped and dry. 

What are your favourite lip care products?

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