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March Maybelline Base Products

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Maybelline products appear to have taken over my makeup bag in this past month, and I'm sure you've noticed I've been talking about a lot of Maybelline products. This month my base products are all Maybelline products that I've been loving recently.

This is a foundation that I've still not seen maybe bloggers talking about and I'm not sure why. This is a really lightweight foundation with light-medium build able coverage that I've been enjoying wearing recently. 

I think almost every blogger and their Mum has this concealer, or has at least heard about it. I use this on blemishes and occasionally under my eyes if I'm a little more tanned as the 'light' shade is still too dark for me. It's a concealer I love that I already have a back up of. 

This quickly became my go to daily primer as it smooths out my skin, prolongs the wear of my foundation and does basically everything it says on the tin. It's a silicone primer, so keep this in mind if that isn't your kind of thing.

What are your favourite base products for this month?

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