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Favourite Blogs | #3

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I love reading these posts and sharing the love for other bloggers (my previous posts are here and here) and today I thought I'd share a few more. I've been reading a lot of new blogs recently and although my older favourites still stand, here are a few more for you.

Beyond The Velvet // Leah and Rachel
Leah and Rachel are twin sisters who run this blog together. They blog regularly, they're both so lovely (they always leave the sweetest comments) and they blog about fashion, lifestyle and beauty. 

Charmed Charlee // Charlee 
Charlee's blog is my most recent find and I'm in love with it. Her photography is beautiful and she's always so interactive with her readers, which I love.

Magpie Jasmine // Jasmine
I found Jasmine's blog a few weeks ago too and I'm addicted to reading her posts. They're always so informative and unique as well, which I love. I've also added so many new products to my wish list because of Jasmine's posts!

Makeup Savvy // Fee
I originally found Fee's blog because of her bargain finds. Fee's posts are always so well set out and easy to read which makes her blog even more enjoyable.

Sweetelectric // Zoe
Zoe's blog is beautiful. Her writing style, her photography and her posts are also really helpful. My blog design is actually from Zoe, and it's free to download too so she's super talented. 

Unstitchedd // Maddy
Maddy's photos are Pintrest worthy and I love her blog layout. Her posts are so easy to read but also really informative.

I really suggest you check out all of the blogs I've mentioned above as they're amazing.
What are your favourite blogs? Leave them in the comments below!

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