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Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer | Review

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In my recent haul I mentioned that I'd purchased the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in 'light' after seeing many other bloggers rave about it. I am honestly so impressed with this concealer, it's a lot better than I expected even though it's raved about. The packaging is simple but practical as you twist the tube to release the product. 

I use it under my eyes and apply it in a triangle shape and it's not creased on me yet which I'm really impressed with. It has a creamy texture which means applying this is a breeze and so is blending. It covers my dark circles, and although it's in 'light' I wish it was a little lighter as then it would brighten under my eyes as well as concealing, but then again I am very pale!

It has a domed sponge tip applicator and although this isn't the most hygienic if you're going to be applying it directly onto blemishes, otherwise I can't fault the applicator. I do use it to conceal blemishes, however I apply some product directly onto the back of my hand first and then onto the specific area. 

I've been using this concealer everyday since I bought it and I even have a backup in my collection. 

Have you tried this concealer?

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