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Staying In On A Saturday

By 16:00

Sometimes you might not feel like going out on a Saturday and that's totally okay. I personally don't usually go out on Saturday night because they're more expensive than other nights in the week (thank God there are student nights with £1.50 drinks). Today I'm sharing with you a few things to do if you stay in on a Saturday night.

  1. Make a hot drink, whether it's coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
  2. Find a good film or a series you've been wanting to watch (hello Netflix my best friend).
  3. Bake some cakes, cupcakes or cookies - nothing is better than tasting your delicious bakes.
  4. Catch up on blogs and Youtube videos.
  5. Play around with a new make up look that you wouldn't necessary usually wear.
  6. Or put on a face mask and have a long, hot bath.
  7. Read that book you've been meaning to read for a few weeks
  8. Most importantly, relax

What do you do if you stay in on a Saturday?

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