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Don't judge ELF's quality on one product - Tickled Pink Blush

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Before I begin this post, I don't want to cause any arguments/disputes from this post, it's just my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I do love ELF products, however I think the quality is sometimes inconsistent. One example of this is when I purchased the Studio Blush in 'Tickled Pink'. I first bought this blush over a year ago, and I was very disappointing with it. I love all the other Studio Blushes so I thought this would be the same, but I was wrong.

So this is the current state of my blush, it obviously didn't arrive in this condition, I have dropped it so it's smashed slightly. However, the reason you can see scratches and dents is because there was absolutely no pigmentation so I was trying to scratch off the top layer to see if it made a difference. The Studio Blushes are only £3.75 but I would have expected at least some pigmentation.

Although, a few months later I made another order from ELF since I love almost every other product I have tried. I ended up ordering the same blush again, forgetting I had it in my collection.

This time the blush is so much more pigmented and as you can see I didn't need to scratch at it to get some colour pay off. I love this blush, it's such a beautiful colour to just sweep across the cheeks. The packaging is sturdy and has a little mirror at the top which is always useful.

This photo really demonstrates the difference in pigmentation.
The top swatch is the second blush I bought which I loved, and the bottom swatch is the first one which I didn't like.

This is my first 'negative' post on my blog, and I don't want it to come across that I hate ELF like I've said previously, I do love their products. I even own the majority of the studio blushes because I love them so much. I think sometimes there are just bad batches of the products, and if you're unlucky enough to get one it can be annoying after reading reviews saying how good that particular product is. It just shows you can't base your opinion of a whole company on one or two products.

Whats you're favourite ELF product? What would you recommend I try?

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  1. That's such a lovely colour! I've never tried any of the studio blushes, but I do have a blush from their normal £1.50 range. It's a bright pink and very very very pigmented so I have to apply it with a light hand. I love it though!
    ablogbyabbie.blogspot.co.uk X

    1. I have tried a few of their normal blushes, my favourite is 'Glow'! xx

  2. such a gorgeous color !

    xx Liyana

    PS: i'm having a MAC giveaway on my blog to celebrate my first month of blogging

  3. That's quite bad the consistency is so different!
    Hopefully they learnt their lesson :)
    Daniella x


  4. Oh wow, there's a lot of difference!! :)