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Colour Changing Nails | Bluesky Gel Polish 024

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Last Christmas my brother bought me the Sensationail Gel Starter Kit and I have been loving it since day one. I do however still need to review the set fully as I've just not got round to it (bad blogger alert!!) but today I'm sharing with you a nail polish I've been loving.

I will start out by saying that I borrowed this polish from a friend at work, but I had been looking at them on Amazon a while ago as they're only around £5.50 which is a bargain compared to the Sensationail polishes which are £15 each.  

The polish changes when the temperature changes so it's the same concept as mood rings which I used to love. I feel like I have 2 nail polishes for the price of one and I love it. When your fingers are warm the polish is blue and when you're cold the polish turns this beautiful purple pictured above.

The polish lasted for 8-9 days before it started to chip which I am really impressed with considering the price difference between this polish and the Sensationail polishes. My nails usually chip within an hour or so of me applying a 'normal' non-gel polish so I am loving gel polish nails at the moment.

I also love how the polish reminds me of galaxy nails when it's transitioning between the shades. I will definitely be buying more of the Bluesky polishes when I can as there are so many shades available on Amazon and they're reasonably priced. 

Have you ever tried a colour changing nail polish? 

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