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Slimming World Update 001

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I mentioned very briefly a few weeks ago that I've joined Slimming World. I'd been feeling very uncomfortable with my body and weight for a long time now and I finally decided to really do something about it and in a healthy way. I've joined a local group and I go with my Mum to be weighed every Tuesday evening as I don't think I could do it alone.

First Impressions | I was so nervous at first, so nervous infact I wanted to back out and run a mile away from the scales (well, not that I could run a mile haha!!). I knew I weighed more than I should and my BMI wasn't good, but the shock of knowing how much I weighed actually motivated me. Now I will say, I'm not hugely overweight but for my height, I'm overweight. 

I chose Slimming World over any other weight loss groups because I felt it would be the best for me. There's no calorie counting which is what attracted me most and I can still eat plenty and wouldn't be going hungry. 

Changes I've Made | My biggest 'problem' was my snacking. I love snacking and I can't get through a day without it and I would mainly snack on crisps. I don't just mean a small packet, I would eat a whole family sized bag of Doritos to myself easily. Yep, that made me feel quite gross to admit but Doritos are my weakness! 

The Plan Itself | I find Slimming World itself very easy to follow, especially because there's a super handy app that's so easy to use. I can eat as much fruit and veg as I'd like and I can still treat myself to crisps but I just have to syn them! 

How I Feel | I've been feeling more confident already, okay I've not had a huge weightloss (more on that in a minute) but I've noticed a difference. I'm learning to cook from scratch which I've previously struggled with and I'm appreciating food more rather than scoffing my face whilst having a Netflix marathon.

Weightloss | I've been going to SW for about 5-6weeks now and I've lost 8lbs so far, which means last night I got my 1/2 stone award yay! For me this is a good loss as I know I'm not damaging my body whilst doing it and that's so important. I'm aiming to lose about 1.5stone altogether so I'm getting there slowly but surely. I have also missed 2 weigh-ins due to moving house and having a cast on my leg! 

Books | Until last night I hadn't purchased any SW books but I couldn't resist picking up the Fakeaways book as who doesn't look unhealthy food made healthy?! I'll let you know how I get on with the recipes

I'd be happy to share some of my favourite SW meals/snacks if anyone's interested so let me know. Have you ever tried SW? If so, how did you find it?

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