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Slimming World Update 002

By 09:30 ,

I'm back with another Slimming World update as I was weighed last night and my result was as expected. 

Weightloss | This Week I maintained which I am weirdly happy about because I've been off plan a lot. I went out for a meal and had all the food and a burger and chips and a lot of alcohol was also consumed this week. I'm just quite glad I didn't gain anything. Basically, I need to stay on plan!!

Plan for next week | I need to start eating more Speed Foods and I'm following more and more SW Instagram accounts to inspire me. I've also decided that I'm going to search for some new recipes as I'm getting a little bored of the same foods everyday.

This weeks update was short and sweet and I'm going to try and be 100% on plan from now on.

If you've done SW please let me know and we can share recipes and tips etc!

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