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Slimming World Update | 003

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This weeks post is a little late so sorry for that but I've been super busy as I go on holiday on Tuesday! I'm very happy with this weeks slimming world progress as I'll explain in a second.

Weightloss | I lost 3lbs this week, which means 11lbs in total. Although I'm very pleased with that in itself, it's even better because I'm at my target weight, well technically anyway. Basically I set my target weight when I first started SW and now I've reached it I want to change it to a weight that's a little lower, but only by 3lbs. This is purely because I want to have lost 1stone in total.

Plan for next week | Speak to my consultant and let her know that I want to change my target weight. In all honesty, I wont be on plan for the next two weeks as I'm going to be on holiday and I never go abroad so I'm going to treat myself. I'll try and make some SW friendly choices, but I'm preparing for a gain and hopefully I won't gain the 11lbs I've lost.

If you're following SW, how was your week? I hope it went well for you!

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