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My Favourite Pamper Products | Shower Edition

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I love a good pampering session just as much as the next girl, but sometimes I don't have much time for it so these are the products I use when I only have time for pampering in the shower. As you can see the majority of these products are from Soap and Glory as I love their products and have a sizeable collection.

I'll start off by saying I have two bottles of this and the one above is the old packaging. I've reviewed this product in full here but for now let me just tell you this is amazing for removing all my makeup. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and it's not drying at all, and on top of that it also smells amazing.  

Once again, the packaging for this product has changed but the ingredients are still the same. I don't use this daily as it does dry out my skin but on a weekly basis it works fine for me. It also smells amazing (this is going to be a common theme, I mean come on everyone knows how fab S&G products smell), and it has little beads which will burst when you rub it into your skin. 

I swear by this scrub and S&G Breakfast Scrub which are my two holy grail body scrubs. It isn't too harsh on my skin and it does make a huge difference, especially on my arms. 

This is also another holy grail product of mine and many other bloggers love it too. It is quite a thick butter so it does take a little time to rub it in, but I mean it's nothing horrendous it just means you can just slap it on and pop your clothes on straight away. I'm fine with that as I know my skin will be really moistursed after using it.

Finally is a stretch mark cream I've been trying out. I picked it up at a local pharmacy for £1 and I thought why not try it?! It's not going to break the bank if it has no results. So far, I've not noticed a difference but I've only been using it for 10 days or so. It is super soothing when I apply it over my stretch marks and it doesn't have a distinct smell.

What are your favourite pampering products? Let me know in the comments!

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