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A Long Week and Pandora Treats | Little Haul

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Grey Floral Vintage Ring  // Red Enamel Ring

This week has just been 'one of those' weeks, so when I saw Argento were having their summer sale on Pandora products I jumped at the chance to buy a ring or two and treat myself. As you'll probably know (because I keep mentioning it, sorry!) I've been working a lot since I've finished uni, we're talking 6 days a week and that's a shock to the system for me. I'm used to having a few hours of lectures a day and then going back to bed, but working this much got on top of me a little so I decided to treat myself.

These rings are the ones that caught my eye and even though they're not your typical Pandora ring (this is the one I'm talking about) I still think they're beautiful and I wanted to share them with you! 

Have you got any Pandora rings or jewellery yourself?

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