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Boots Haul | Vitamin E Skincare and Leave In Conditioner

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It appears that almost every Saturday whilst on my lunch break at work I end up in Boots buying things I don't necessarily need and this happened again this week, but I'm justifying it because it's not make up! Boots also have some amazing deals on at the moment so go to your local store and check them out!

First of all I purchased the Coconut and Almond Leave-In Conditioner which are £1.39 each but they're on offer for buy 1 get one half price, so I obviously had to buy two! I've seen a few posts about this leave in conditioner recently so I wanted to try it.

Next I was looking for some Vitamin E products because they're really good for you skin and I haven't got any myself. I saw the Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream and for only £2.54 I thought it was a bargain!  I'm going to start using this in the mornings before my make up and see how it goes.

Finally I picked up the Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream which is £2.54 as well, but as I said Boots have some amazing deals on at the moment and they're doing 2 for £4 on some of their Vitamin E range so it works out cheaper. I was also interested in this because I don't have any eye creams and this one has SPF 15 which is always a plus.

Have you picked anything up from Boots recently?

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