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What I've Been Watching Recently

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I think most of us secretly (or maybe not so secretly) love watching hours of TV series, films and Youtube videos so today I thought I'd share with you what I've been watching recently.

Great British Bake Off | Who doesn't love this show?! I love Mary Berry and the recipes the contestants cook look delicious and make me want to run to Tesco to buy the ingredients to attempt them myself, although mine wouldn't end too well. I love Mel and Sue too, they're absolutely hilarious and I could watch them for hours.

Unit | This is a new series I started watching on Netflix recently about men who are in the army and also it includes stories about their wives who are at base camp. It's thrilling and so intense at times, but I just can't stop watching it.

Made In Chelsea | I have a guilty pleasure of loving MIC, I find it so addictive! Although I do get a little jealous of their lifestyle sometimes and I have a love-hate feeling about Spencer Matthews and a soft spot for Jamie Laing! 

What have you been watching recently? Is there anything you recommend me to watch?

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