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Moving Back To Uni | Update

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I feel like I finished my second year at uni a few weeks ago yet here I am after a 3 month summer sat in my new room in my new uni house. I'll be honest, I've not quite unpacked and I'm taking a little break from doing so to write this post. 

I always find it a little bittersweet starting a new year at uni as I get so comfortable at home over the summer and then I have to be completely independent again. It's a little more difficult this year as well as it's my 3rd and final year so my life will revolve around my dissertation. I am happy to be back though as I've missed my friends and the student nightlife! 

I do plan on doing a room tour type of post once I'm happy with how my room looks, but it may be a few more weeks before that happens as I am the worst at unpacking. I do also need to write and schedule a few more posts as I have been so busy this past month I haven't really had much time, but there will still be new posts a couple of times a week!

If you're starting uni in these coming weeks, or if you're just going back I hope your year goes well and enjoy it! 

Are there any uni related posts you'd like me to talk about? If so please let me know as I'd be happy to do them, whether it be money advice, freshers tips or how to handle the workload!

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