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Slimming World Update | 004

By 09:30 ,

This week's update is long overdue as I actually haven't written a SW update for over 3 weeks and this is because I've also not been weighed/attended group in 3 weeks. If you've been reading my posts recently you'll know I was on holiday in Turkey for 2 weeks and then I had a few days away in Somerset so I've missed group for 3 weeks.
I knew I was going to gain this week, as I've been off plan completely for 3 weeks - oops! But it was well worth it as I wanted to treat myself whilst I was away and I know my gain is completely my fault.

Weightloss | Well in these past few weeks I've gained 4lbs. It's entirely my fault as I mentioned I've been off plan for 3 weeks and I honestly expected more of a gain if I'm honest. I'm glad I haven't gained more but this week I'm going to be on plan as much as I can.

Plans for this week | This is a pretty simple one, I'm going to stick to plan as much as I can. No more eating out every night (okay apart from last night but that was a leaving meal so totally acceptable right?!) and I need to stop snacking on crisps!! I also move back to uni on Friday which means I have freshers for 2 weeks and this means consuming a lot of alcohol, but I will still try to eat healthily.

I'd love to know if you're following or have followed SW and if you have any recipes you recommend!

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