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Mum, You Were Right

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I'll start out by saying I was in no way an easy child (or teenager) at all, I was 'challenging' to say the least, and that's being kind. My parents have the patience of saints and I'm not sure how they did it if I'm honest. 
I was thinking earlier today about how many things my Mum told me when I was younger that I didn't quite believe, but she was right. Today I'm sharing with you some of the things that my Mum was right about, even though it took me a while to believer her on some of these.

1 | Don't over pluck your eyebrows
Okay this one seems obvious, but I was convinced I knew what I was doing with my eyebrows and I didn't. I shouldn't have over plucked them or plucked them at all actually, natural brows are best when you're younger.

2 | Appreciate small boobs, they're good too
This one may seem menial, but I have was always really conscious of having small boobs. All of my friends had bigger boobs than me, everyone on TV and magazines had boobs and I didn't, and it used to really get me down. My Mum told me one day I'd be grateful for small boobs and now I am. I can get away without wearing a bra if I'm being lazy, I can wear certain crop tops without having to worry my boobs will pop out and I don't get back ache from them.

3 | If he doesn't treat you like a Queen, he's not worth it
This is one I only realised recently, but My Mum has always told me that if a male doesn't treat me like a Queen, he's not worth it. I never believed her because I thought I deserved to be treated 'badly' (nb: not talking anything serious or detrimental to my physical or mental health, just being ignored and belittled etc.) and I don't. Every girl deserves to be treated like a Queen by your partner, and don't let anyone ever tell you different.

4 | It doesn't matter if you're single
I've never had a boyfriend and yes I am 20 years old. My Mum always told me I didn't need a man to be complete and that I can be happy without relying on a boyfriend or partner. She was right, and I should have listened sooner. I mean, I've never been overly bothered about being single but certain times like Valentines Day and the such I would be a little down. As you can see from this conversation with my Mum below, she's always got my back.

5| Do what makes you happy
I'm very lucky in the fact that my Mum has always wanted me to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy. She's always been supportive and told me all she ever wants is for me to be happy. It doesn't matter if I'm not earning millions, as long as I'm happy with my career and my life that's what matters.

This is quite a personal post for me, probably the most personal on my blog so I hope you enjoyed reading it.
Can you relate to any of these?

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