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How I Take And Edit My Blog Photos

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Today I'll be sharing with you what I use to take my blog photos and the programmes I use to edit them. I find these posts really interesting so I hope you enjoy this post.

Until recently I didn't have a tripod, but after Christmas I decided it was about time I invested in one as I've wanted to for years. This is the one I use and it's only £11.99 which is a bargain. It's sturdy, has a carry bag, spirit level and it's easily adjustable. It's become my new best friend for taking blog photos as it reduces the amount of blurry photos I have, and it makes taking photos a lot easier.

For most of my photos I will use a sheet of wallpaper, yes you read that right wallpaper, as the background for my photos. This ensures a crisp and non cluttered background and I find this really important for photos.

Once I've taken my photos I import them into iPhoto and pop them into my blogging photo. I'll look through all of them, pick the rest and start editing. I don't edit too much on iPhoto, I just adjust the brightness and contrast but this makes a huge difference.

Fotor is my favourite tool for editing photos, whether they're for my blog, personal use or Instagram etc, one of the best things is that it's free to use. There's also a Fotor app available which I am addicted to using. I will choose the effect I want to use, usually something from the 'Lomo' effects and I'm ready to save and upload to my blog.

I use this to add writing to my photos after I've edited them. This is also another free website to use, yet it has so many useful features. 

If you've done a post like this I'd love to see it so be sure to link it below!

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