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52 Weeks Project | Week 6

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This week has consisted of me recovering from the flu and it was also my birthday. It's been nice to have been at home, however I'm now on my way back to uni and I'm excited as I've missed everyone. Whilst I was ill I managed to plan a lot of blog posts so I'm excited to finalise writing those and post them for you all.

I've also updated my blog layout, courtesy of the lovely Zoe Sweet Electric as she was kind enough to put up a free blog template for anyone. I think it's made a huge difference to how my blog looks, as I hadn't been happy with it for a while. 

I also went for coffee with one of my best friends yesterday which was so lovely as we don't usually get to see each other during term time as we're 5 hours (and £75 train journey) apart. 

How has your week been?

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