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My Winter Essentials

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Warm Cosy Blankets are an absolute must. When I picture Winter I think of being sat near an open fire with a cup of hot chocolate wrapped up in a blanket. Blankets are also essential if you don't want to turn the heating on all the time and they look super cute at the end of your bed.

Following on from warm blankets, a hot water bottle is also a must. Getting into a nice warm bed is one of the best feelings when it's absolutely freezing outside. 

A good lip balm is a necessity during winter because, well no one wants chapped lips! My current favourite is Blistex Moisture Max Balm and I'll be posting a review of this soon.

Fairy lights and candles are pretty much an 'essential' all year round for me, but in Winter they make a room look so much more festive. Primark have some lovely ones that are so inexpensive if you're looking for some!

Fluffy socks are definitely a winter essential, I'd wear them all the time if I could! They just make me feel so much more cosy and they're obviously so comfortable as well!

Finally my last winter essential is oversized jumpers. Nothing is better than a comfy, cosy jumper and they go with everything as well. 

I also prefer winter fashion to summer fashion as I love being able to wear oversized jumpers paired with skinny jeans and boots, perfect!

What are your winter essentials? I'd love to know!

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