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Poorly Pets and Home For Christmas

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I'm finally home for Christmas! Nothing beats coming home home, if you're at uni or live away from home you'll know what I mean by home home! I've come home to a lovely warm house which is a luxury and there's plenty of food in the fridge, perfect!

Earlier on this week I was on FaceTime to my Mum and she told me that my cat Smokey had been very ill and had been to the vets earlier on in the week. I didn't panic too much but then she told me how ill he had been and that he was lucky to be alive. Long story short someone had kicked him and the thought of this broke my heart and I instantly started crying. This meant that he had to have a huge operation which has a 50/50 survival rate. The vets were absolutely amazing, specifically the manager who went to check on him at 12:30AM just to see he was okay. When he had his surgery there were 3 vets and one nurse in there and he had assisted breathing too. 

He's recovered fully now and has been given the all clear by the vets and I couldn't be more grateful. As I type this he's sleeping on my lap, he's a little fighter! I just can't believe someone would be so cruel to an animal. I took him on a walk this morning as the vet suggested buying him a lead so he can still go outside but he can't run off, he was so happy!

I'm excited for the Christmas tree to be put up this week, however I'm not looking forward to un-packing everything so I might just live out my suitcase for the next few weeks!

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