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Face products I wouldn't repurchase

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I was looking through my make up collection and realized I had some products I needed to throw out since I don't get on with them. Here are some of the face products I really don't like for me. I'm not saying these products won't work for you, but I just don't get on with them personally.

So there are only 3 products, but I'll possibly do more of these posts later on.

(I know my packaging is disgustingly dirty, but it's been at the bottom of my make up drawer and it won't come off!)

First of all is this 2true Smooth Matte Foundation, now although this is only £1.99 and people say you get what you pay for, I did expect a little more from this foundation, maybe my standards are too high. Either way, the lightest shade Shade 1 - Ivory is still far too dark as you can see. On top of this, it gets darker as it dries, which means there is no way I can wear it even though I have tried to lighten it with other foundations etc. 

I have gone back to this foundation numerous times trying it when my skin was different, I still do not get on with it. 

The second foundation is the 17 Skin Perfecting Foundation and although this is no longer available, I still wouldn't re-purchase it. I got mine in the lightest shade which I think was Soft Ivory and it's a lot lighter than the 2true Smooth Matte Foundation it still doesn't match my skin perfectly either. It broke me out every time I used it, even after months of not trying it, it made my skin awful. It didn't give me much coverage at all, and strangely enough it made my skin look more oily, even though it's meant to be oil free.

I do like that this foundation has a pump which makes it easier to get the product, and it has SPF 12 which is always good for the skin. 

The final product is the ELF Essentials Shimmering Facial Whip, now although this product is only £1.50 I don't even think it's worth that. Mine is in the shade Spotlight so I'm not sure if the other shades are any better or if I just had one from a bad batch.

This product I have never actually used on my face more than a few times, I really should have thrown this away months ago. It may just be my one, but it is so watery it's useless. As you can see in one of the photos above, even after shaking it about 5 times, it still comes out with a lot of water. It doesn't blend well, it just clumps up and looks horrible. 

Have you tried any of these products and had a similar or completely different experience with them?

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  1. I have tried the 2True Foundation and it was absolutely terrible! I also found the same problem with Natural Collection's tinted moisturiser... I wouldn't expect this to break me out and oxidise so much seeing as it's not an actual foundation! Boo:(


  2. I've heard the same thing a few times about the Facial Whip :( xo


  3. Thank you for this post as I was thinking of getting the e.l.f shimmering facial whip! I am glad I saw this before I did!


    Rushie x