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Bourjois 'Chocolate' Bronzer | Review

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I've seen so much hype around the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer that I wanted to try it out for myself, even though I'm not a massive fan of bronzer because as I always mention I'm really pale and I'm worried it'd look too orange. Although I have been pleasantly surprised by this product. For once I didn't buy the palest shade available, I bought Shade 52. In my opinion the lighter shade looked a lot more orange than this one, doesn't seem very logical to me?! (Unless it was just the lighting).

The packaging is nothing special, it's just cardboard with a magnet which holds the product together. I do like how slim it is though, which means it's easier for travelling with. I am so glad I bought this bronzer, and in my opinion it definitely is worth the hype as I love it. It contours amazingly and although it has tiny pieces of shimmer in, they're not visible on the skin. For only £6.99 it's also a bargain especially considering Bourjois is a good brand. 

I would say though, that in my opinion the fact it's meant to be a 'chocolate bronzer' has nothing to do with me purchasing it. It does have a sweet smell but I'm not particularly bothered about what my bronzer smells like in the pan. 

I use this bronzer for contouring because, like I mentioned earlier, the shimmer cannot be seen once it's applied so it slims down my face. It's an easy product to work with and it's very blend able which is important for me, since sometimes when I rush my make up I can be a little heavy handed.

Are there any other Bourjois products you would recommend?

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  1. I want to try this product but I'm a bit on the fence about buying it as I've heard it's not very pigmented.
    ablogbyabbie.blogspot.co.uk X

    1. I personally found that Shade 51 (the lightest shade) wasn't pigmented and just looked orange, but this shade is much more of a bronzing colour and is pigmented! xx

  2. Love this,may have to get it!


    New blog so please check it out. Thanks so much.

    Han xxx

  3. I haven't tried but in Spain it's about 13 euros!! :S

  4. I would love to try this product, if only I can find it here in California!

    - Marie
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