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Coming Home For Christmas

By 09:00

I am finally home to celebrate Christmas with my family and home friends. I technically came home on Thursday but I spent the weekend in Verona with my boyfriend which was amazing (I will post about that soon). I've had a stressful last few weeks at uni recently as I've had deadlines after deadlines after deadlines. Now I can take a break for a few days before preparing for January!!

Anyway, here are some of my favourite things about coming home for Christmas...

- Nothing will beat coming home to a warm house and a Christmas tree in the living room
- Being surrounded by friends and family
- The heating is almost always on
- Eating chocolate all day is acceptable because it's Christmas
- Watching Harry Potter on TV (even though i have all the DVD's there's something special about watching them on TV at Christmas)
- SO much food!!!
- Being able to cuddle my cats (and not ask my Mum to send me photos daily)

I'm excited to share more Christmas themed posts with you all and now I have access to my DSLR the photos will be better quality thank goodness. 

What are your plans for this week?

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