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Current 3 Favourite Youtubers

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Alongside reading blogs I also love watching Youtube videos and that's how I first became interested in beauty. So today I thought I'd share with my current 5 favourite youtubers, so if you aren't familiar with them you can find new channels to watch.

1. The Michalak's | I remember finding this channel in summer and binge watching Hannah and Stef's videos as I fell in love with their channel instantly. The editing is beautiful and constantly leaves me speechless and they have an adorable son Grayson. This is a channel that I cannot just watch in the background, I have to pay full attention to as the videos are always so beautiful. Hannah also has a blog which you can here.

2. Meg Says | I've only fairly recently found Meg's channel, but I love it. She seems lovely and kind and her videos are great too and I'm also super jealous of her amazing hair! Meg also has a great blog which you can read here

3. Tati | Tati's videos are ones that I've been watching for a few years. She's so knowledgeable and her videos always make me laugh. I love her honesty about products and really trust her opinion on them, especially her higher end reviews.

Who are your favourite Youtubers?

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