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A Weekend In Verona

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A few weekends ago the boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Verona, Italy. I'll start out by saying it was an incredible weekend but it was absolutely freezing (-2 degrees to be exact) and when we had checked the weather it was meant to be 8-10. Nonetheless, we both had a great time and it was my first time to Italy and I loved every minute. I wanted to share some photos with you today as I took my 'real' (DSLR as opposed to iPhone) camera with me and I'm so glad I did.

We stayed in Hotel Songo di Giulietta which is located in the courtyard of where Romeo and Juliet was set (well, Juliet's balcony). It was an amazing hotel, very luxurious and even had a jacuzzi bath! In the courtyard many people have attached padlocks to the doors and it was really cool to see, there must have been hundreds.

Verona's Christmas market was also incredible, and we also had mulled wine just to be extra festive ha!
The coffee in Italy is delicious, and I really want this cappuccino again (and the mug).

 A pizza covered in chips - what more could I want in my life?!
We walked up what felt like 1000 steps but the view was 100% worth it as Verona is so beautiful.

I also went into Sephora for the first time ever which I was probably a little too excited about haha! I didn't buy anything, but instead I bought a few things from Kiko which I've blogged about here incase you're interested. 

Have you ever been to Italy?

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