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My Favourite Dark Lip Combo

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This time of year calls for a dark lip and I love it. Previously my favourite dark lip was Topshop's Called Up but since that's not available anymore I have a new favourite combination.  

Technically both of these are lip pencils, but Maybelline's Color Drama pencils are more of a lipstick due to the long lasting wear and I've always used them that way. If you want a full review of these lip pencils, you can read it here. I simple apply Essence's £1 lip liner first, and although the colours don't look like they'd match they work well together when applied on the lips. 

Top - Essence lip liner // Bottom - Maybelline Color Drama

I'm really loving this combination at the moment and it's so long lasting and neither of the products are drying which is always a bonus in this super cold weather!

What's your favourite lip look for these colder months?

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