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Taking A Break From Daily Life

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If you read my 52 Weeks Project post on Sunday you'd know that I'm currently on crutches and have a temporary cast. Now I'll start out by saying it's nothing serious and *hopefully* the cast will come off tomorrow as I've only got muscle damage. However, it means I can't work this week because at work I run up and down the stairs about 50+ times a shift which isn't possible whilst on crutches. So whilst I have a few days off from 'daily life' as such I'm going to be relaxing a little bit and I'm taking some time to myself.

Planning blog posts | I finally have enough time to plan all the blog posts I've wanted to for the past few weeks as I'm not working full time. This will mean more blog content for all your guys, yay!

Netflix marathon | Having a cast on is the perfect excuse to have a Netflix marathon and to spend time watching DVDs, including my all time favourite Harry Potter.

'Me' time | I feel sometimes I just need a break from the daily chores, responsibilities and tasks and I need time to myself. This week has been the perfect time for me to do this as I can't really do much else! 

Organising my laptop | My laptop has been playing up recently and I think it's down to the amount of junk I have on here. Okay, technically it's not junk it's just things I don't necessarily need. I'm starting by organising all my photos which is much needed as I probably have 25,000+ on here and I wish I was exaggerating. I love taking photos as you can guess, considering at one point I had 8000 photos on my iPhone alone!!

What do you have planned for this week? Let me know in the comments!

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