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5 Minute Makeup Routine

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We've all been there when we're running late but we still can't face leaving the house without makeup on (thanks under eye bags for making me look like a zombie). So today, I'm sharing with you what I apply when I literally have 5 minutes to get ready, no contouring, no smokey eye but the basics that I will apply.

All of the products above are so easy to apply, and I can do this makeup look without any brushes as well which is perfect when I'm rushing. I love the Kiss Light Reflecting Primer (review here) as it does brighten my skin and prolongs the wear of my foundation, or in this case BB Cream. The brow gel just adds a bit of shape and definition to my brows which I definitely can't leave the house without, especially if I'm wearing my glasses.

What makeup can't you leave the house without?

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