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Lazy But Productive Saturday

By 14:30 ,

I love lazing about for a few hours, I'm a pro at procrastinating and I could spend hours watching Netflix but sometimes it's nice to be productive too. Today has been both productive and lazy for me, which don't seem like they'd be a combination that mix well, but they do.

I started my day off by enjoying breakfast at a local cafe which was delicious, I mean who doesn't want a full English breakfast for under £5?! I then went for coffee at a local coffee shop which I've recently discovered and I love it there. I had a lovely chilled morning with good company and the sun was shining so I was super happy.
I then came home and decided it was time to focus on this blog for a while and plan some posts because I know I'm working next week so I won't have much time otherwise. I'm currently sat in the garden in shorts and my pyjama top and the sun is still shining (this is shocking for England). I've written two posts so far and they're scheduled for next week and I'm especially excited about one of them so look out for that.

Now it's time for me to catch up on other lovely blogs I read and of course, Youtube videos too. I'm loving the weather we've been having in England recently and I really hope it stays!

What are you up to this Saturday?

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