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My 5 Guilty Pleasures

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I love blogging and reading other beauty blogs but when I'm not doing that I have a few other guilty pleasures and I thought it would be fun to share those with you today.

Watching Coffee Art Tutorials
I can make basic coffee and at uni I have a coffee machine but I have no idea how to do coffee art. Saying that I will happily spend hours watching coffee art tutorials and videos on Youtube.

School Supplies Shopping
I love shopping for school supplies and I love stationery in general. I will spend hours and hours watching school supplies hauls on Youtube and then getting sad that I can't buy the same things as most of the videos are from American Youtubers. I'm also so excited to buy stationery for uni this year (even though I definitely don't need anything). 

Browsing Homeware Online
I don't own my own house yet and I'm nowhere near being close to looking at places to live independently but that doesn't stop me from browsing homeware all the time. I've recently been adding loads of homeware items to my basket and then realising I don't need them and can't justify buying them.

Browsing Flickr 
I love photography and have done for as long as I can remember. Before I was into blogging or Youtube I used to spend hours and hours everyday browsing Flickr, finding inspiration and being amazed by other photographers' work. I'll still do the same now, and I really want to buy a new lens for my camera but I won't be doing that until I've graduated!

Looking at Old Photos
I mean really old photos from when I was a baby, not when I was an awkward 11 year old or even worse, an awkward 13 year old. I refuse to look at photos from when I was 11-14 because I just cringe too much but I love looking at old family photos from when I was a cute baby. 

What are your guilty pleasures? Do we share any of the same ones?

p.s. happy Friday!!

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