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Getting Personal Mug | Review

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I'm always struggling to find presents for my Dad, whether it's birthdays, Christmas or Father's day. So when I found Getting Personal I was over the moon as I found the perfect gift for him. Although Father's Day was a while ago now I still wanted to share with you this company as I'm really impressed. I will add that this post is not sponsored and I bought the mug with my own money too!

The mug is really good quality and the delivery was fairly quick, especially considering I left it quite close to Father's Day before ordering. I also searched online and found a 10% off code which made the mug even more affordable.
My Dad loves the mug and uses it on a daily basis, so this really is the perfect gift for him. I chose not to opt for the heat changing option although now I wish I had, oh well! 

I'm really impressed with the Getting Personal website and I will definitely be ordering from them in the future. I have my eye on a personalised diary and notebook and a mug for myself too...I'm getting a little carried away but who doesn't love personalised items?!

Have you ever ordered from Getting Personal?

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