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My Fake Tan Prep & Favourite Fake Tan

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Until a few years ago I used to stay away from all kinds of fake tan, unless it was a gradual moisturiser. This is because I'm so pale and I was so afraid of turning into an umpa lumpa, however I jumped onto the bandwagon and started using St Moriz Tanning Mouse and I'm so glad I did. 

Exfoliate | Exfoliating before applying fake tan is so important as it will provide a smooth surface for your tan to stick to. It will remove any dead skin cells and also remove any old fake tan that may still be lingering on your skin.

Moisturise | When moisturising before fake tanning, focusing on your ankles, knees and elbows is really important as this is where your tan is more likely to go patchy.  Also I've been loving using these products from the coconut range at The Body Shop as one of my lovely best friends gave them to me for my birthday. 

I am so impressed with the St Moriz Tanning Mousse which is supposedly as a dupe for the St Tropez tanning mouse, which I've never tried as it's a little out of my price range. I love that the St Moriz mousse doesn't make me look orange and it's so easy to apply. I'll just use a tanning mitt from Primark that's about £3 and it also dries so quickly which is a bonus as I'm usually rushing before a night out.

I will say, it is not waterproof so it will wash off in the shower the next day or if someone spills a drink down you when you're out which is the only downside I have. However, if you want an instant tan for a night out this is perfect and I'll keep repurchasing it.

The tanning mousse is available in two shades; Medium and Dark

What's your favourite fake tan?

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