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It's The Little Things

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I'm struggling with revision right now and even though my exam is in 2 days time I have no motivation. I know summer is so close and then I'll be able to spend time with my friends and family but right now I'm so stressed and I can't focus properly so writing a blog post is helping.

Right, moving on from the moaning. Moving away from home has made me realise that sometimes it's the little things you miss the most. I mean, I obviously miss my friends and family dearly but here are some of the little things I miss too...

- the comfort of knowing my parents are in the next room if I need them
- my local pub and being only a few minutes from home if I want to leave
- the countryside 
- waking up to my cats jumping on my bed and begging for food
- knowing there's food in the fridge, always
- being able to hug my Mum if I want to and not having to Skype instead
- my favourite local coffee shop
- home cooking, oh how I miss proper meals (I can only live off pizza and pasta for so long)

I promise I'll be back to normal with beauty posts again soon!

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