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Real Techniques Brushes Dupes | Ebay Brushes

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Real Techniques Brushes Dupes £12.99 - eBay

Last Christmas I only really wanted some new make up brushes and I love the Real Technique's Core Collection so I was going to ask for another set of those so I always had some clean, however I came across these brushes instead. They're dupes for the Real Techniques brushes but they're from eBay so therefore, a lot cheaper! I was also really happy to find a UK seller for these so they arrived really quickly, I think they took about 4 days but as my mum bought them for me as a Christmas present I'm not 100% sure.

You can buy these brushes in either blue, hot pink or rose gold. I chose the blue because then they'd stand out completely from my Real Techniques brushes, but you could always buy them in hot pink or rose gold if you wanted them to really look like Real Techniques brushes!

I really have tried and tested these brushes for quite some time and I still love them and I've not had any massive problems with them as of yet. The only 'problem' I've had is that the duo fibre stippling brush has shed quite a bit, but that can happen with any brushes and I can still use the brush with no problems. 

Personally I don't find them quite as good as Real Techniques brushes however, they are very similar and definitely dupes for Real Techniques ones. They are a bargain for £12.99 + £1.99 P+P. I use these brushes daily and I am so glad I have them as they're multi use brushes. I especially enjoy using the tapered brush which I use for setting my under eye concealer. 

Have you found any other Real Techniques Brush dupes?

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