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52 Weeks Project | Week 37

By 15:30 ,


I'm really behind on blogging at the moment and I apologise for that but everything is hectic right now. I've moved back into uni, freshers has started, I've already caught freshers flu four days after I moved in, I can't remember when I last went to bed before 4am and I am tired, so so tired. I'm happy though, and that's what's important right? I'm loving being back but I really need to get back into blogging as I've missed it so much but it's so difficult to sit down and find time when I'm constantly ill (read - I mean hungover so it's my own fault). 

I've scheduled a beauty post for tomorrow and I've got a few more lined up so hopefully my posts will be back more frequently now. 

I hope you're all well and enjoying your week.

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