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Jamie Oliver's Italian in Norwich | Review

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Artisan Italian Breads - £3.85

Pork Scratchings - £2.95

I've just come home from a week away in Norfolk and I visited Norwich for the day and had my first experience at Jamie's Italian. I know I have a beauty blog but everyone loves food right?! Anyway, so we had 'nibbles' instead of a starter and both choices we made were delicious. The Artisan Italian Breads were delicious and the variety was good and the tapenade was divine. 
The pork scratchings were the best I've ever had and although the dip was a bit spicy it was manageable for me and I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy things!

Penne Carbonara - £6.95/£10.75 

There is a choice of two sizes when you order this pasta hence the price difference, however I only paid £5 as the restaurant I visited had a deal on which meant it was £5 for any pasta dish, bargain! I asked for mine without parmesan cheese as I don't really like it but it was still delicious. I'd most definitely have this dish again as it was beautiful, although very filling. 

There was no way I could have eaten a desert but they did look delicious, maybe that's one for next time! I couldn't fault the service and we had a brilliant waiter, Steve. He was extremely knowledgeable and so welcoming as well. The service was amazing and everything arrived in good time as one of my pet hates is waiting an hour or so between meals at a restaurant!

Have you ever eaten at Jamie's Italian?

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