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Back To University Stationery Basics | Haul - University Series

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Bic Cristal Biros £1.50 // Tesco Biros 30p // Record Cards 80p per pack

I absolutely love buying stationery and I've spent most of my day watching back to school stationery hauls on Youtube so I thought I'd share with you the few rings I picked up in Tesco yesterday. I only bought the basics as I was in a rush and I still have some supplies left out from last years stationery haul and I've bought plenty throughout the year so I may do a whole post on everything I'm taking back with me. 

The Oxford notebooks and refill pads were on offer which is why I bought them now as the paper quality is amazing and I'm really quite fussy when it comes to paper. I just bought some basic biros as I always use black ink and having new pens is always nice. Finally I bought some record cards for only 80p per back, absolute bargain. When I was coming up to exam season last semester I couldn't find cheap record cards anywhere and ended up spending almost £10 on 3 packs so I'm stocking up now!

Do you love back to school/uni stationery or is it just me?!

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